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Salt is an independent academic press dedicated to publishing books that engage Mormon texts, show familiarity with the best contemporary thinking, remain accessible to non-specialists, and foreground the continuing relevance of Mormon ideas.

Committed to the ideal of open access publishing, Salt's titles are available under a creative commons license that allows users to freely copy, distribute, and transmit the work in its entirety.

However, while all our titles are available free of charge in digital form, Salt also remains committed to print publications of the highest design quality and these books are available for purchase from both traditional and online booksellers.

An Important Announcement

Effective 9 April 2013, Salt Press will merge with the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship, housed at Brigham Young University. All of our current titles will be republished under Brigham Young University Press or Maxwell Institute imprints and all of our contracted titles will be recontracted with the Institute.

Given Salt's focus on publishing work at the intersection of scripture and contemporary theory and given the Institute's interest in fostering this type of work, the merger will allow us to combine resources and talents in ways that will prove beneficial to both parties.

We're happy to hand over to the Institute the resource-intensive work of professionally publishing, printing, and distributing our books. And, as a result, we're happy to return our full attention to the ongoing work of creating and fostering the kind of content that Salt was founded to solicit. 

To that end, the owners and managing editors of Salt Press (Robert Couch, Adam Miller, Joseph Spencer, and Jenny Webb) have been asked to serve as the first four members of the Maxwell Institute Press Mormon Studies Editorial Advisory Board, which will individually and collectively function in an editorial acquisitions and advisory role for the Institute’s Mormon studies list.

Further, Adam Miller and Joseph Spencer will be named co-editors of a future book series for the Maxwell Institute Press titled "Groundwork: Studies in Theory and Scripture."

Manuscripts submissions are welcome and may continue to be submitted for consideration by contacting any of Salt's managing editors personally or by using the maxwell.ms@byu.edu email address.

The Salt website will stay live for the next six months throughout the merger process; we currently anticipate archiving the website at the end of 2013.

In light of the costs associated with running Salt Press as a part-time endeavor, combined with increasing interest in our focal areas of research, we regard this merger as good news indeed. 

However, it is not without some sadness that we close Salt Press. We wish to thank those who have supported our vision—it is only with your support that we are now in this position, and we are excited to see that vision integrated into the focus of the Maxwell Institute's publications. 


Robert Couch
Adam Miller
Joseph Spencer
Jenny Webb


The Doctrine & Covenants Made Harder:
Scripture Study Questions
James E. Faulconer

D&CThis is a book of questions. Just questions, no answers, though occasionally I will throw in some answer-like material to help make the question easier to understand. It is a book of questions because in my experience-in both personal scripture study and in teaching Sunday School and other lessons-questions are of more help for reflective, deep study. We learn new things when we respond to new questions, and the person who says "I no longer get anything out of my scripture study" no longer runs up against questions to think about as he or she reads. This book is intended to make reading harder-and therefore fresher-by giving such readers questions for study.

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An Other Testament: On Typology
Joseph M. Spencer

An Other TestamentHow does the Book of Mormon want to be read? In close readings of the conversion story of Alma the Younger, Nephi's writings generally, and Abinadi's sermon before King Noah, Joseph Spencer argues that the Book of Mormon organizes itself around a debate concerning the nature of scriptural interpretation. Offering an especially unique take on the role played in the Book of Mormon by quotations of Isaiah, Spencer suggests that the Book of Mormon itself asks to be read in terms of the covenantal themes of the Old Testament. Along the way, a novel approach to Mormon theology is undertaken, breaking important new ground.

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An Experiment on the Word: Reading Alma 32
Edited by Adam S. Miller

Alma 32This volume grows out of a root project called the Mormon Theology Seminar that is distinctive in two respects: (1) it reads Mormon scripture theologically rather than historically, doctrinally, or devotionally, and (2) it undertakes this reading in a way that is intensely collaborative. These papers exemplify the aims of the larger project because they collectively attempt very close, theological readings of Alma 32. These essays address the meaning of faith in Alma's discourse, the centrality of the "word" to exercising faith, what is meant by Alma's call to "experiment" on the word, and how the textual, historical, and political context for Alma's discourse shape his account of faith.

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Reading Nephi Reading Isaiah: 2Nephi 26-27
Edited by Joseph M. Spencer & Jenny Webb

2 Nephi 25-26How does the Book of Mormon prophet Nephi read, rework, and repurpose the writings of the biblical prophet Isaiah? Each essay in this volume addresses an aspect of the complex relationship between Nephi and Isaiah, ranging from the question of what is at stake when one prophet retools the work of another to the question of how Nephi uses the words of Isaiah to outline the significance of the sealed plates to which he contributed. Making public the results of a project sponsored by the Mormon Theology Seminar, this volume extends an invitation to each reader to continue the conversation.

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